Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bloodhound- By Tamora Pierce

This is what the book Jacket says:
Beka Cooper is no longer a puppy.
She's a Dog now-a full-fledged member of the Provost's Guard, which keeps the peace in Corus's streets. Beka's natural skills of observation and tenacity are augmented by her unusual magical talents, which allow her to gather information both from the pigeons and from the eddies of dirt and dust that swirl on street corners. But even her magic isn't very useful when unrest comes to Tortall's capital in the form of counterfeit coins, which turn up in shops all over the city. Merchants raise prices to cover their losses, and with winter coming on, hikes in food and fuel costs could spell disaster-most of all for the city's poor.
The Dog's discover that gamblers are bringing the counterfeits from Port Caynn-and that the Port Caynn Dogs don't seem to be doing anything about it. Beka and her mentor, Clary Goodwin, are chosen to go undercover in Port Caynn and find out what they can. And wherever Beka goes, so do some of her animals. Departing from Corus with her are the scent hound Achoo, who has been newly assigned to Beka, and the pigeon Slapper, who carries the voices of the dead.
In Port Caynn, Beka and Goodwin delve deep into the gambling world. There Beka meets a charming bank courier, who may be involved in the counterfeiting ring. Things come to a head just as Goodwin returns home to report to Corus. It won't be enough for Beka to be her usual "terrier" self. She'll have to learn to from Achoo to sniff out the criminals-to be a bloodhound.

I have been reading Tamora Pierce since the 1980's. I loved the Lady Knight series, than I went on to love the Wolf Speaker series. After that I read the Protector of the Small series. I loved them all, and still reread them from time to time. So a couple of years ago, when Terrier came out, I devoured it. I have read it more than one time, and was excited to read that a new one was to come out the following year.
So I anxiously waited for the next one, Bloodhound. And I waited, and waited. I kept looking every time I went into the bookstore. Finally I gave up looking. I figured she just lost interest in the book. Luckily, it is not so. Just this past week, I walked into the Mr. Paperbacks at the Airport Mall in Bangor, and Oh Boy, Oh Boy, there it was- sitting in the new hardcover section. I didn't even wait for it to come out in paperback. I snatched it up right than and there.
I read it that very night,and might I say, I was not disappointed. It was very well worth the wait.
Beka Cooper is back, as well as Clary Goodwin, Tuntstall, Pounce, and Slapper. Beka has a new animal friend, Achoo, whom you may remember from 'Terrier'. I loved this book, and can only hope that Tamora Pierce continues this series further on. Even if she doesn't, I will continue to be a big fan of her books.


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